More Hate from Taxpayer Funded Catholic Schools

2 09 2011

Members of a Toronto Catholic District School Board are living in a magical fantasy land where they feel they have the right and privilege to discriminate against those who do not adhere to the lifestyle dictated by the Church.

Trustees at a Toronto Catholic District School Board meeting decided to put denominational rights above human rights and tried to make a direct attack on gay-straight alliances.

The Aug 31 meeting was the final debate on the TCDSB’s equity and inclusive education policy, which has already passed. More than 100 people packed the gallery for the fiery meeting; in the majority were a vocal contingent of people objecting to homosexuality being taught in any way in Catholic schools, including within the context of bullying prevention and peer support.

“Denominational rights are the first priority,” trustee John Del Grande repeated several times.

Here is more proof that the Catholic school system has no qualms against receiving public funds to carry out its discriminatory practices.  Those who are in favour of fighting against discrimination, including students, are given very little time to speak.

Oraa says it seems that the board stacked the list of 10 delegations with nine that were pro-Catholic, allowing only one space for anyone to speak in favour of the policy.

When it was Oraa’s turn to speak, he graciously bowed out, offering his spot to the students and saying the board should really start listening to what students are saying.

“I have been watching. They gave Leanne and the students exactly three minutes to speak. Everyone else got much longer,” he said.

The pro-hate speakers fear a creeping homosexual agenda:

Those who did speak objected to the equity policy in total, claiming it is just another way that “the homosexual agenda is normalizing a lifestyle choice.”

I for one look forward to the day when the majority of society views homosexuality as perfectly normal and the Catholic-based discrimination for what it is: mindless hate and bigotry.  In time we look back to debates like this and wonder what was wrong with us.




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