Stop Calling Religion a Mental Illness

10 10 2011

“Religion is a mental illness.”

You’ve probably heard this phrase, or variation of, used by a fellow non-believer.  You could be like myself, someone who has, unfortunately, used a similar expression.  I’ve come to realize how wrong and immature this is.

It presents an overly-simplified view of why people believe.  To call it a mental illness  is a vast and insulting oversimplification.  I recommend reading God’s Brain for a good explanation of why people believe.  Suffice to say, referring to belief as a mental deficiency is just another way in which some atheists attempt to feel superior to others.  Something I have touched on before.

Referring to something as a “mental illness” is usually a way to divert attention from the real reasons someone acts in a certain manner. When news of a terrorist attack was emerging from Norwary the first reaction was, this must be the work of Muslims.  When it became apparent that our biases were getting the better of us, we learned that the killer was a Christian.  Rather than having a discussion about the dangers of Christian extremism.  Many were attempting to claim that the man must have had a mental illness. Why would they do such a thing?  They did not want to mention that a combination of religious faith (the one popular among Americans and Europeans) and social conditions in Europe led to this horrific act.

Calling something a mental illness is a scapegoat.  It’s also insulting as hell.

Mental illness do not require further ostracization.  Consider how easy it is to speak of a physical illness.  You know you will get instant sympathy, much to your benefit.  However, when talking about a mental illness, you can never be sure as to how the other person will react. People don’t always know how to deal with it, even when their intent is well meaning.  It’s a great challenge and we shouldn’t be left to feel as if we are deserving of insult for having a mental illness.

So let’s wise up.  Religion is not a mental illness.  To say so is to discount other explanations for faith and put down those who have mental illnesses.

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One response

11 10 2011

I think atheists, especially militant ones, started out by calling religion a disease,not in the sense of a physical or mental state, but a social problem that they felt did more harm than good to society and segued from that to calling it a ‘mental illness’, which I find an insult to both believers and to the mentally ill.

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