What’s Wrong With The Anti-Choice Movement

28 05 2011

I wish this actually surprised me.  A Wisconsin man was charged with attempting to kill an abortion doctor.   Why am I not surprised?  Because the “pro-life” movement has never been about life.  Its aim is to force woman into a Christian-dominated patriarchy that seeks to wrap its claws around everything it means to be a woman in what is supposedly a free society.

Now, of course not all in the anti-choice movement hold onto such dangerous aspirations.  I have conversed with those who do feel this is a life issue.  However, the most vocal and well-funded are those that belong to the group described above.

The story out of Wisconsin is one we’ve heard all too often.  A strange, lone man, holding anti-abortion signs outside an abortion clinic.  The 2006 film Lake of Fire shows a common trend among those who kill abortion doctors and the description above fits that trend.

I do not believe that those preaching anti-choice rhetoric are ignorant of the impact their words have on men like Lang.  They’ve made a living out of using language to manipulate people into believing this is a battle for life when their true intent is social engineering.  They can condemn the actions of the Lang’s of the world all they want but until they admit that their words may play a role in the actions those statements of condemnation are hollow.

I want to take this space to reaffirm my allegiance to those in the pro-choice movement here at UW.  I’m not intending to name anyone but if you are reading this then you know who you are when I say that you have someone on your side that will speak out against the deplorable efforts of the anti-choice movement that frequents our campus.





2 responses

28 05 2011

Ironically, the ad I got on this page was for “Family Services” website which is clearly an anti-choice organization.

28 05 2011

Online ads are funny. According to them, I’m a gay, Christian-Muslim.

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